Monday, February 15, 2010

Next Dyfit? dance: Wed Feb 17, 5.00-7.30pm

At "Don't you feel it too?" winter session #3, our theme was "Get Intimate with Your Music."
Here's some of what we found:

1. We were pleasantly surprised we could hear our own well-known music in
new and deeper ways.
2. We found that it can be good to perform as if in our own personal, bad,
imaginary musical.
3. We observed our minds unable to focus on a song for its entire
duration, with many visual and mental stimuli occupying the same space.

The next practice session is this Wednesday.  You can forward the below
message to friends.  This week's theme is dancing in pairs or groups and
will be led by Julia and Theresa.

Since we worked on "Dyfit as prayer" two sessions ago, I heard recently a
new way of thinking about prayer: "Prayer is falling in love with life."  I
think that describes how I feel when I dance this dance.

With practiced happiness, marcus

Inviting artists and non-artists interested in PUBLIC DANCE, MISCHIEF, AND
JOY--"Don't you feel it too?"

We're looking for daring dancers and inner-life explorers!  “Don’t you
feel it too?” is a newly-discovered mind-body practice of freeing the
spirit through dancing your inner life in public places. A generous and
courageous act of self-embarrassment and joy, the work is also emotional
study, gentle protest, performance, and physical exercise. It premiered
during the RNC in Saint Paul in 2008. Currently, over the winter, we are
developing this form in indoor settings in preparation for our practice
season outdoors on Nicollet Mall. Free, no obligation, and everyone is
welcome to come for one or more sessions.

If you're interested, contact Tamara at, or just
drop in.  **Important: Bring your mp3 player with your favorite music on a
playlist and street-dancing shoes.**

Wed Feb 17, 5.00-7.30pm, Hamline Midway Library, 1558 W. Minnehaha Ave.
Mon March 1, 5.00-7.30pm, Saint Anthony Park Library, 2245 Como Ave.
Mon March 15, 5.00-7.30pm, Saint Anthony Park Library, 2245 Como Ave.
Wed March 31, 5.00-7.30pm, Hamline Midway Library, 1558 W. Minnehaha Ave.

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