Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dyfit? winter indoor practice starts Jan. 13, 6-8pm

Dear Dyfit?-ers,
We don't know enough about the mysterious and crazy "Don't you feel it too?" so we continue our exploration indoors this winter.  Come dance with us and develop this practice of mind, body, and meeting ourselves and each other.  Here is some of what we know:
*We're meeting on Wed, Jan 13, 6-8pm at Saint Anthony Park Library (2245 Como Avenue St. Paul, MN 55108) meeting room.
*Please RSVP to Kathleen at kathleen@graceminnesota.org
*We will do some dancing, maybe meditating, talking, planning, etc.
*Bring your mp3 player with your favorite music on a playlist and normal street-dancing shoes.  The floor surface is tile.
*Bring friends, anyone is welcome, yet we are not advertising this to the general public at this time.
*We want to embark on a 1000-year journey of exploration, and this is year 2.
*We are tentatively holding the next session on Wed, Jan 27, at 5 or 6pm, so put that on your calendars.
*If you can't come Wed nights, and you really want to join us, email Kathleen your February availability.
I saw on PBS last night that science is proving your happiness affects people up to 3 degrees of separation away from you, like my friends' friends' friends...hmmm...more dancing! 
Hope to see you Wednesday,  marcus

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