Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"Don't you feel it too?" at Art Shanty Projects on January 15

Time: 2pm, Sunday, January 15, 2012

Location: Meet outside the Dance Shanty

With: Rae Eden, Diane Hellekson, Theresa Madaus, Tamara Statz, Kate Wolfe, Marcus Young

Free your spirit by dancing your inner life in public! Bring an open mind, headphones or earbuds, and an iPod or other music player loaded with your most beloved music (and tucked near a warm place on your body). Dress in warm, non-constrictive clothing; avoid backpacks, bags and anything that occupies your hands. For about an hour we will explore body, soul, music and place by dancing alone and together.

After a brief (5 to 10 minute) introduction and group warm-up we will move into our surroundings, however the spirits move us. We will dance for 30 minutes or more (depending on weather and group preference), and then take time for reflection and discussion.

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