Friday, June 18, 2010

Grace Minnesota Summer Activities at Art of This

Grace Minnesota is offering a whole bunch of great activities this summer, all in the name of a new art, a new spirituality! Are you ready?

  1. It's our third year of "Don't you feel it too?"--freeing our spirit through dancing our inner lives in public places. Crazy, huh? Open to everyone, regular Monday and Thursday sessions start June 21, 5-7pm on Nicollet Mall. To find out more, see below.
  2. We're also offering free yoga classes led by the inspiring Helena Raghubir of the Center for Happiness. Classes on select Monday and Thursday mornings will be at Art of This Gallery as part of the Open Summer program. Again, more details below.
  3. We'll hold 10 Saturday morning spirituality discussions based on recorded lectures or MPR Speaking of Faith podcasts that we listen to together. Open to everyone, sessions are Saturdays, 10am to 12 noon. More details below.
If you're interested in any of this, just show up. If you have questions, send email to

Art of This Gallery is located at 3506 Nicollet Ave, Mpls 55408.

Yoga is 5000 years old. "Don't you feel it too?" is just 3 years old. Help us create it. Thank you!

With practiced happiness,
Marcus Young and Grace MN

Now, the details...


For daring dancers and inner-life explorers! "Don't you feel it too?" is the practice of freeing our spirit through dancing our inner lives in public places. A courageous and joyful act of purposeful self-embarrassment, the work is also mind-body study, gentle social protest, participatory public art, and physical exercise. An aspiring spiritual technology, it's free, and everyone is welcome to come for one or more sessions.

Sessions are every Monday and Thursday, 5-7pm, starting June 21 and going through the summer. Meet at Peavy Plaza on Nicollet Mall at 5pm. For up-to-date information, follow us on Facebook

To participate:
  • Bring your portable music player, headphones, and your most beloved music on a playlist.
  • Wear comfortable street-dancing shoes and maybe sunscreen.
  • Don't bring anything you can't put in your pocket so that you can dance freely. We discourage backpacks. Leave stuff in your car or at home. Bring a donation if you want. We appreciate it!


We are learning some basics in Kundalini Yoga, and you are invited to join us for one or more classes. We're using this opportunity to understand how an established spiritual practice can inform our developing practice of "Don't you feel it too?" Thank you Helena Raghubir, our teacher, and Art of This Gallery for the Open Summer residency program.

Yoga classes are 9.45am - 11.00am at Art of This Gallery, 3506 Nicollet Ave, Mpls 55408 on these dates: Monday, June 21; Monday, July 5; Thursday, July 22; Thursday, Aug 5; and Thursday, Aug 19.

To participate:
  • Please dress for movement and bring a yoga mat, an extra mat if you have one to share, water, and optional items for relaxation like a pillow and blanket.
  • The tradition of yoga encompasses the concept of "when you come empty-handed, you leave empty-handed." To receive the most out of a yoga class, the student is asked to find something to give. Since we are not assessing a formal fee for this class, we suggest that you consider giving a free-will donation. This could be a monetary donation to the teacher, a donation to the charity of your choice in any amount, or an offering such as fruit, flowers from your garden, or incense to the teacher or to other students. Your donation could also be giving your time as a volunteer to the cause of your choice. It is suggested that you make this donation as feels best to you within a week of receiving the class.
Helena Raghubir has been practicing yoga and studying holistic healing since 1993. She is a certified Kundalini Yoga Professional Teacher Trainer, Level III Sat Nam Rasayan Practitioner, Neurolinguistic Psychology Practitioner, Reiki Master Usui and Karuna, CMT, and Reflexologist. She is the director of the Center for Happiness.


Let's talk about spirituality...after we listen to people who really know the stuff. Some examples of what we'll listen to include recorded lectures by Pema Chodren and Speaking of Faith radio interviews on topics of play, beauty, science, social activism, etc. One hour of listening together, then one hour of talking together. We'll also explore how these ideas connect to our developing practice "Don't you feel it too?"

Every Saturday, 10am - 12 noon, from June 26 to August 28. Everyone is welcome. Bring a cushion or mat if you have one. Upcoming Saturday morning spirituality discussions at Art of This gallery will be these topics:

Aug 7: Thich Nhat Hanh’s “Teachings on Love”

Aug 14: Sherwin Nuland, former surgeon discusses the human spirit as an evolutionary accomplishment of the brain

Aug 21: Rachel Naomi Remen, the art of listening, and the difference between curing and healing

For questions about any of the above, contact:

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