Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Confirmation from DYFIT-ers Requested

Message from Marcus Young

Dear daring DYFIT-ers!

Last year, dancing on Nicollet Mall and at the RNC was a transformative experience.  I think we all felt it!...even if we weren't exactly sure what it was.  For the past two months we have continued to explore this new practice, and again we come to a culmination--a worthy test of ourselves.  We know it can be joyful, open, embarrassing, scary, freeing, spiritual, and like offering a service to the public.  The form is simple, so how is it the experience is so rich? If you haven't joined us this year, there is still time to give it a try.  If you are already an experimentalist, or you already know this work, please consider dancing with us.  I will be at the remaining practice sessions.   Then, there are two "performances."  You can dance with us as few or as many times as you wish, even if you can't make the "performances." Go to this 
Survey Monkey link
and tell us if you'd like to attend.  We are starting to share music, so getting some advanced notice that you're coming is helpful.  We also celebrate with a really yummy dinner (my treat) where we tell stories, reflect, and create the path for the following year, so RSVP for that as well.  I hope to dance with you on the streets.  If you have any questions, please ask.  

My thanks and luv,  marcus

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